NaturalWave Nipples Fast Flow 2 Fast Flow Nipples


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Lansinoh mOmma NaturalWave Nipples Fast Flow 2 Fast Flow Nipples
Clinically Proven to Reduce Nipple Confusion
Enables Baby to use Natural, Wavelike Tongue Movement Learned at the Breast
AVS – Air Ventilation System Reduces Potential Cause of Gas
1. Super soft silicone enables baby to use natural feeding actions and reduces nipple confusion.
Compresses to allow natural wavelike tongue movement.
Stretches to allow baby to use natural suck, swallow, breath pattern.
2. AVS reduces intake of air.
Air ventilation system reduces intake of air, a potential cause of colic or spit up.
3. Collapse resistant for easy feeding.
Inner vertical grooves make the nipple collapse resistant.
4. Matte surface for secure latch.
Enables baby to get a secure latch and seal on the nipple.
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